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DoseWatch* is a web-based patient radiation dose monitoring software used to capture, track and report radiation dose directly from any imaging device or PACS. DoseWatch is multi-modality and vendor agnostic.

DoseWatch helps radiologists deliver the right dose, while still producing diagnostic quality images. By tracking patients’ cumulative dose over time, you can take steps to prevent excessive medical radiation exposure.

DoseWatch enables you to monitor and manage radiation dose across your entire system, so you can:

Drive Awareness Across Modalities & Devices with cumulative dose tracking. DoseWatch works across health systems to assess radiation dose delivered to patients undergoing a variety of imaging procedures.

Optimize Performance with analytics tools to find the right balance between image quality and dose. DoseWatch helps you improve patient care, while minimizing risk.

Enable Compliance with reporting capabilities for radiation safety personnel , internal stakeholders, patients, external governing bodies, and regulatory authorities.



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DoseWatch* helps you improve patient care by understanding each patient’s exposure, identifying sources of variability, and improving protocol and exam delivery.

Analyze Radiation Dose Data Across All Modalities, Regardless of Manufacturer

  • Tracking and archiving of dosimetry data including CT, mammography, Interventional and Cardiovascular, Surgical/Mobile C-arms, and Radiography.
  • Compatibility with DICOM SR & DICOM MPPS messages, DICOM image header solution for non-MSSP/SR DICOM CT exams, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to extract relevant information from dose report images, and hybrid connection options to maximize data collection.
  • Proprietary, data-rich connection capabilities for sites with GE CT or Innova imaging systems.
  • Worklist dashboard available for each modality, which includes patient information, irradiation history and cumulative dose metrics. DoseWatch also alerts users if dose levels exceed a predefined threshold.

Identify and Alleviate the Causes of Dose Outliers to Decrease Variability

  • Alert notification system when dose levels exceed predefined thresholds.
  • Dose comparison analysis to compare study dose metrics for all modalities, stratifying by site, device, study description, period and patient age range.
  • Preconfigured and customizable reports.
  • Easy to use dashboard provides quick access to patients’ cumulative dose and medical history.
  • Compare performance against national and local Diagnostic Reference Levels (DRLs).

Shift Overall Dose Exposures in your organization With Standards-Based Metrics

DoseWatch includes a variety of embedded analysis and optimization capabilities, including:

  • Capture of acquisition information and dose indices at a level of detail not possible before, providing visibility into each interventional and cardiovascular procedure.
  • Quality review with IsoCenter Shift and mA Modulation, allowing users to understand how the dosimetrist performed each exam.
  • Size-Specific Dose Estimate (SSDE) (CT) - DoseWatch automatically evaluates the SSDE following AAPM Task Group Report 204 version. The SSDE is a metric developed by the AAPM (American Association of Physicists in Medicine) to evaluate dose according to patient size.
  • Standardization of study description names through RadLex mapping; harmonization of RIS and DoseWatch data through HL7 integration; and automated inclusion of dose information in the RIS / EMR.

DoseWatch complies to the IHE Radiation Exposure Monitoring (REM) dose consumer (for collecting dose information) and dose reporter profiles (for publishing dose reports in national/regional registries, e.g. the ACR DIR). DoseWatch is an ACR (American College of Radiology) DIR (Dose Index Registry) Certified Software Partner.

Enterprise-Wide Integration

Flexible data acquisition for enterprise-wide coverage

Schedule a DoseWatch Demo

DoseWatch* collects dose related information from image headers, DICOM Modality Performed Procedure Step messages (MPPS), OCR on dose report images, Radiation Dose Structured Reports (RDSR) and more. This flexible configuration allows users to access dosimetry data across all devices, including older imaging equipment which may not be RDSR compatible.

DoseWatch blue print

DoseWatch Optimization Services
Be confident in onsite support from a Clinical Applications Specialist

GE Healthcare provides a dedicated Clinical Applications Specialist to provide onsite DoseWatch training. The Clinical Applications Specialist will work directly with the user(s) to:

  • Review historical dose data
  • Outline and review all dosimetry protocols
  • Identify opportunities to standardize and adjust protocols
  • Identify opportunities to reduce medical radiation exposure and improve image quality
  • Review ALARA principles

GE Healthcare has an Information Technology (ITPS) organization to support the entire DoseWatch implementation.

Your dedicated project manager will provide project planning, system installation, modality device integration, information system integration, training and more.

Our Commitment To You

DoseWatch is the only dose management software developed by medical physicists for a major imaging OEM, providing deep domain expertise in dose optimization, clinical education and low-dose technologies. At GE Healthcare, we never stop working to improve the medical imaging process . We’re constantly working to find new ways to maximize image quality, and minimize radiation exposure.

Engineering technology to minimize medical radiation exposure is an important part of our work, but the education and training we offer medical professionals and patients on managing medical radiation exposure are equally important. GE is committed to sustained change, improving operational performance and transforming clinical care delivery through advisory services, technology and analytics.




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