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What makes us special?

We believe in what we do. We work on what matters the most - great people and technologies taking on tough challenges.

The GE Healthcare IT Centre of Excellence presents a unique opportunity to play a key role in the development of a dynamic and rapidly growing technology function in Krakow, Poland. We’re gathering the best and brightest IT professionals to work collaboratively and share skills and ideas, all while making a meaningful difference to patients around the world.

We love to make real impact. We hire people who are eager to learn new technologies and focus on innovative solutions. This is how we have created a team of talented technical experts who collaborate and support our businesses around the world.

“There is a way to do it better – find it.”
― Thomas A. Edison, GE founder

At GE IT we value a culture of continuous development. We hire exceptional people and we want to invest in their growth. We provide them with insights to support their ambitions as they strive to reach their full potential. When you join our diverse, international team of developers, system analysts, application consultants, interns and senior leaders, you will be giving yourself a chance to work on highly visible, life-changing, cutting-edge IT projects.

Our IT Centre of Excellence is a place full of opportunities for technology enthusiasts with different levels of experience. Students can join our Internship Program to increase their knowledge and begin taking the first steps in their professional career. Young graduates can become part of the Digital Technology Leadership Program which helps accelerate their career path and enables them to build leadership and technical skills within only two years. Experienced software developers and managers can find great challenges and possibilities to grow.

Our office is not only a place where we implement innovative solutions. We get involved in other initiatives as well, such as painting a school with our Volunteering Group or organizing a workshop as a member of the Branding Team. We meet inspiring people and broaden our horizons by gathering together in the Women’s Network (men not excluded!). We have interesting events for food fanatics who can join the Gourmet Club or sport enthusiasts who can take on challenges in Health Ahead. Do you have an idea of how to improve our working environment? The Employee Engagement team would love to hear it! There is a reason why 91% of our employees find our Centre of Excellence a friendly place to work. Start your day with a cup of coffee with exceptional professionals or challenge them on the PlayStation.

Get involved, get inspired and get ready to change the world!

Teams in Krakow

Why Krakow?

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Krakow is the second largest city in Poland, and one of the oldest cities in Central Europe. The city boasts a beautiful cityscape, a rich history and an impressive range of artistic, architectural and cultural attractions. And with some of Poland’s largest and most prestigious universities, it’s home to exactly the kind of forward thinking IT professionals we’re looking for. 

With the perfect mix of history, modern conveniences and a lively social scene, as well as our dedication to your development, this really is the ideal opportunity to progress your career with one of the world’s most innovative companies.

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GE Healthcare IT CoE
AVIA building
Zyczkowskiego 20
31-864 Krakow, Poland

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News and Events

Data Workshop #7 with Vladimir

Date:13th May 2017, from 11 am till 16
Place: GE Healthcare (AVIA building, second floor)
ul. Życzkowskiego 20
City: Kraków

The Neural Network (especially Deep Learning) is very wide topic. After the Artificial Intelligence winter period, French neuronetologist, Yann Lecun figured out LeNet in 1998 - the network that allowed recognizing handwriting digits. But still CNN was known only to very narrow group of specialists. It has changed in 2012, when Alex Krizhevsky adopted the more advanced approach and built AlexNet… which won ImageNet competition. After 2012 the world changed and people saw the potential of CNN :). CNN first of all is about computer vision, starting from face detection or object detection and ending on self-driving cars (which is very different type of task to predict next action). CNN can also be use in other areas for example in NLP (but it's another story).

What will you learn?

  • Introduction to Convolution Neural Network (LeNet 5)
  • Apply LeNet5 on MNIST (~96.8% accuracy)
  • More advanced CNN & MNIST (~99.2% accuracy)
  • Apply CNN on CIFAIR10
  • Introduction to VGG{16,19}, ResNet50, Inception V3 
  • For more information click here.

    Studencki Festiwal Informatyczny

    Date: 16th-18th March 2017
    Place: Centrum Informatyki AGH (budynek D-17) ul. Kawiory 21
    City: Kraków
    We are pleased to announce that March 16-18 AGH university in Krakow will be hosting a huge IT conference – the 13th edition of Studencki Festiwal Informatyczny and GE Healthcare is going to be silver partner of the event.

    During the event GE Healthcare business intelligence team will give a Big Data related lecture “AC/DC in IT”. We’re also going to have GE Healthcare stand at the event. Our engineers and recruitment team will be there to tell you all about interesting aspects of technologies we work with at GE Healthcare CoE IT and talk you through an exciting job opportunities at GE.
    See you there!
    For more information click here.

    Engineering Job Fair

    Date: 08.03.2017 Wednesday
    Place: Wisla Stadium, Rejmonta 20 street
    City: Kraków

    We are pleased to invite You to the Engineering Job Fairs - organized for all students and fresh graduates. It’s the second time when the event is partnered by GE Healthcare CoE IT, this year taking place at the Wisla Stadium, Rejmonta 20 street in Krakow. Our engineers and recruitment team will be there to tell you all about interesting aspects of technologies we work with at GE Healthcare CoE IT and talk you through an exciting job opportunities at GE. See you there!
    For more information click here.

    Trends in Business Intelligence and Smart Analytics
    Trends in Business Intelligence and Smart Analytics – 
    GE Workshop / 6th March/ AGH
    We have the pleasure of inviting you to our BI/Big Data workshop - Trends in Business Intelligence and Smart Analytics.

    Time: 9:30-12:00,
    Date: 06.03.2017 Monday
    Place: AGH, B2 sala 106
    City: Kraków
    Workshop Agenda: Part I: AC/DC in IT – Another Case of leveraging Divide and Conquer in IT (Big Data)

    Join us to play a game explaining Map Reduce (programming paradigm designed to allow parallel distributed processing of large sets of data) and let us introduce you to big data platforms like Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark. Part II: “A thousand words is worth more than a picture … ?“ (Text/Data Analytics) “A picture is worth a thousand words” – let’s try to do it the opposite way and “paint” a picture based on a thousand words. Natural Language Processing based on Brilliant Factory project use cases. Please register for the event here.