D670 Pro & Q.Metrix

Could SUV SPECT be an indicator to better communicate with your referrals on patient pathology?

Clinical Case

Patient History

Patient with breast cancer with osseous and lumph node metastases.



700 MBq 99mTc - DPD 3 h post injection.
LEHR collimator,
360 tomo 60 steps of 20 sec, 128x128 zoom 1.0 


CT 120 kV, automA 75 mA dose modulated
DLP 303,45 mGy - cm, CTDIvol 3,86 mGy, 



SPECT/CT showed  progressive metastatic disease with multiple lesions, which came with only minor uptake in the static scan, but could be detected by means of SPECT/CT


SPECT/CT is clearly superior for the detection of diffuse bone  metastases with only minor radiotracer -uptake, that can be missed in planar scans. 


" Various studies have llustrated that SPECT SUV may have potential clinical importance, but Its clinical value has not yet been demonstrated. The clinician is ultimately responsible for the final interpretation and diagnosis based on standard practices and visual interpretation of all SPECT data.”