High resolution image of Static hands

Ultra-high resolution of static hands allowing a better delineation of finger joints.

Acquired at Clinic Saint Jean, Brussels, Belgium

Patient in her fourties, suffering of polyarthritis 167 cm, 82 kg, 814 Mbq, 3 Min

High resolution image of rental SPECT/CT

Kidney study: switching from planar to SPECT/CT imaging

Acquired at Hospices civils de Lyon, France

Female in her twenties, right kidney post-traumatic follow-up after renal artery embolization.

High resolution image of bone planar

Lister Tool for the assessment of equivalent time reduction based on reduction of counts

Acquired at St. Jean Clinic, Brussels, Belgium

*reduction in counts with lister tool

High energy resolution allowing neuro dual isotope acquisition

Simultaneous dual-isotope imaging allowing 2 studies in 1 acquisition

Acquired at Rambam Health Care Campus, Haifa, Israel

Patient with signs of cognitive impairment assessed for tremor suspicious of PD symptoms. Patient tremor symptoms not attributed to potential PD.